Buying Car Tax Online

Car owners in UK have two options when they wish to buy or renew their car tax disc. They can either go through the process via the Post Office or go online. While the earlier mentioned method was the only one available until some back, the latest method has been to get the tax disc online.

Renew Car Tax

With the newly set up DVLA website, you can now apply for a new tax disc or renew your existing one. You can even declare your car to be off the road, if it is not being used for a while by applying with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

The documents mainly needed for renewing the car tax online is the number plate and either the 11-digit reference number which is available on the V5c registration document or logbook of the car or the 16-digit reference number shown on the reminder document for the car tax renewal. This reminder for the car tax renewal is sent to the recipients by post. Once these documents and numbers are ready, you may proceed to renew your car tax online.

DVLA Car Tax Website

The DVLA website contains information of how the declaration of the vehicle off the road is made. It also provides answers to some common questions related to the car tax.

The Question and Answer page asks some questions about the car. These questions are about the insurance of the car, whether you are the registered owner/keeper of the car and whether you have a valid MOT test certificate for your car.

Type the reference number that you received as a reminder for your car tax renewal. Those who do not have a reference number can type the number plate of the car and the document reference number available in the logbook.

Check the registration number and make of the car as it appears on the screen. If it is correct, you may proceed.

On the confirmation by the DVLA database that the insurance and the MOT details of the car are updated, you may proceed to choose the type of disc you would like to buy.

You may now pay for your car tax disc online either through a debit card or a credit card.

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